LOOLYN is a marketplace for eco friendly, sustainable products that do not contain plastic

We know plastic is a useful resource in certain situations. For example, there are plenty of medical advancements that would not be possible without the strength and durability of plastic. But we need to reduce our overall dependency on it. Understandably, no one wants to live a ‘less convenient’ life, but there are sustainable products out there that can replace these single use or non-biodegradable items.

LOOLYN was created by Lynsey Rebbeck and Mary-Louise Fellowes. We are both personally committed to reducing our plastic footprint. But we found that as we tried to shop for plastic free products, we came across many hurdles. Too many hurdles for the average consumer to bother navigating!

For a start, we found there were a few online shops out there, but we were constrained by the choice presented by each shop. And if we wanted a wider choice, we needed to trawl multiple websites. Then checking prices across shops was time-consuming. And there weren’t even any reviews to help us make our decisions. We knew we needed to create a platform that brought all these items together. That allowed consumers to easily check prices and reviews across products before making their purchase.

And so LOOLYN was born

Many long nights around the kitchen table. Snatching conversations with suppliers between school pick-ups and family dinners.

We are both mums, with four children between us. Together with our proactive team, we have been able to make this happen. Now LOOLYN is a fully operative business going from strength to strength. We welcome you to come along and join the journey!

Take a look around the shop and feel good about making small changes with a big impact.


Mary-Lou Co founder Sustainable Products

Mary-Louise Fellowes


Lynsey Rebbeck