Choose Your Product Tag for Environmentally Friendly Shopping

Our producers make their products with the environment in mind. So we want to make this as clear as possible when you are browsing. Making environmentally friendly shopping a breeze!

The great people in councils and governments across the UK have set up various certifications to guide us when making ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly product choices.

So here at LOOLYN our producers label their products with the certifications that apply. We have also added a few extra tags to help you identify some categories that might not have precise certification. You can choose to search for products with specific tags (a great way to choose a gift for that very particular friend!) or you can just be happy in the knowledge that they comply with all that good stuff.

Look for the filter on the left hand side of your shopping page or click the links below to see what each range holds

If you have any questions about the certifications, or want to alert us to any concerns – or even have a new one that we have yet taken account of – please contact us at , so we can make environmentally friendly shopping even easier.