What is your carbon footprint?

Have you ever wondered about your carbon footprint? What impact are you really having on climate change? Enviropledge has the answers.

These are the questions that led the founder of Enviropledge, Claire Clifford, to begin researching the environment and ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Enviropledge is a not-for-profit organisation designed to help you find the answers and solutions to these questions.

We are all aware of the impact of climate change. Scientists and conservationists have been documenting the changes to our planet. David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg are two of the many people who have been bringing these problems to our attention through protest marches, speeches and media!

Making changes

However, many people are not yet making the changes that are needed to reduce our impact on our environment. Enviropledge aims to enable people to make the changes required by providing knowledge of the steps that can be taken, the products that are available and an understanding of how these changes impact on our environment for the better.

Enviropledge to reduce your carbon footprint to regain beautiful landscapes

Claire recounts, “I started looking into this and found the information confusing, contradictory and only understandable if you have a science degree. This led me to think, wouldn’t it be powerful if we could turn this science jargon into something that people can relate to and understand?”

Enviropledge has done the hard work and identified simple changes that have a real impact. Enviropledge worked with an Earth scientist Dr Rachel Gavey to identify and quantify simple lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint.


The concept of Enviropledge is to make pledges, encourage others to do the same and donate to environmentally friendly charities.

Enviropledge offers a range of E-cards. For every E-card purchased Enviropledge will plant a tree on your behalf!

These pledges require very minimal changes, for example:

If you would like to buy an E-card, make a pledge and encourage others to reduce their environmental impact visit Enviropledge.

Or test your knowledge with the Enviropledge quiz.

Example of a pledge:

plastic rubbish with pledge, 'Don't use any single use plastic at all 18.7% impact'