An online marketplace works just like an online shop where you can browse and compare a range of products. But whereas a shop has all the stock in one location, on a marketplace products are despatched from the suppliers and makers themselves – think of Amazon.

The benefit of shopping in this way is that marketplaces can offer a much wider range of products to choose from than an online store. Holding stock is costly and takes a lot of room, so you’ll usually find a better range of products on a marketplace. And you can rest assured that LOOLYN is not biased towards any of them in particular, unlike in an online store.

We deem ‘sustainable’ to mean something that can be produced with minimal impact and harm to the environment. Is the production of this item sustainable – can it continue indefinitely without depleting the earth’s resources? For example, plastic is not a sustainable material. We cannot continue to produce it (it comes from fossil fuels) and dispose of it (it doesn’t actually ever go away) without a negative impact to the earth. It is not sustainable…

We have discussed this one for many hours and days. We have always said that plastic does have some important uses. However we need to limit our use of it, as it is out of control! We need to eliminate single use plastic and low use plastic (used for such a short time, usually without even realising it’s there, and then disposed of, but lives on for hundreds of years on our planet). Some items we have on our marketplace cannot exist without a very small level of plastic – such as plastic coatings on seals to keep products from leaking or keeping them fresh. Or small pump mechanisms. The use of these small bits allows for the wonderful eco friendly products to exist. Without them our sellers couldn’t offer their environmentally friendly alternatives. If a product contains plastic but there is a feasible alternative option out there, then we don’t allow it on our marketplace. If you want to make sure that you do not see any products with any plastic in them, tick the ‘plastic free’ filter on the left-hand side of your shopping page. Have a read of our full plastics policy below.

We want LOOLYN to be a place for everyone to sell. As long as they adhere to our listing policy and sustainable guidelines then we want it to be open to everyone. We discuss the sustainable credentials with each of our sellers in much depth before they open an account with us. We carefully go through the reasons they call themselves environmentally friendly and we make sure our ethos is aligned before we allow an account to register. But this is not a hand picked curation of our favourite products, we are not limiting what we want you to see based on who we personally like, we want you to have the best choice available to you, and that should not be limited by anyone’s personal opinion! 

Thats great news! Drop us a line at with your business name and some contact details and we will get in touch with you for a chat.

Ever ordered something from a large online retailer only for it to be wrapped to death in plastic packaging? We hate this as much as you do. All of our sellers commit to a listings policy and that includes agreeing to send their products to you in plastic free packaging. They also agree to keep packaging to a minimum, as excess amounts of paper and cardboard aren’t great either. Can you be sure that all the shops you buy from are doing this?

When you purchase something on LOOLYN you are buying directly from the supplier – so first of all, thank you for supporting small UK businesses and keeping the sustainable economy alive! If you purchase items from different suppliers then you can expect to receive different deliveries and each delivery may incur a separate delivery charge. Many sellers offer free delivery but you will need to check your delivery charges on the product page and at checkout. You can look out for our free delivery codes that we send out through our newsletters from time to time (have you registered yet?) Read more on our Delivery Page.

You deal with the seller directly. You can contact them via the Ask a Question button on the product page and you can have a private conversation about your product. If you are having any problems or concerns, you can contact us and we can try and help. Read more about this on our Returns and Refunds page.

We love our Shop Local filter. It allows customers to filter their search by radius if they want to  – only showing sellers within your local area (you can define the size of that area). We are all aware that online selling has contributed to the death of the High Street. And shopping on big name marketplaces means we are often sending money out of the country to foreign sellers. LOOLYN hopes to go some way to addressing this by allowing you to still support your local sellers and local businesses. They may not be on the High Street, but by buying from them here, you are putting money back into the hands of the people in your own community and that is always a good thing.

We know that shopping for items without plastic is not the only thing on the agenda. Many of us want to buy vegan products, or products with certain certifications such as certified organic cotton. We try to make this as easy as possible for you by providing a list of options for you to filter by. You can read more about that here

We rarely book a hotel or even a restaurant without seeing what others say about it. It should be the same with shopping, but it’s incredibly scarce in the sustainable sector. We think it is really important that if you are putting your hand in your pocket to buy something sustainable, reusable or perhaps something you haven’t bought before, you are armed with information. We are new; our products don’t have a lot of reviews yet. We would love for you to help this process. If you have bought a product that we list on LOOLYN we would love for you to review it, even if you didn’t buy it here. You can only submit a listing if you have a LOOLYN account. Submit your review on the product page and help these sellers get their credentials up!

LOOLYN Plastics Policy

LOOLYN is dedicated to making it easier for you to make earth friendly, eco conscious purchases. All our products are sustainable, eco friendly items that are packaged using only plastic free materials.

To personalise your shopping experience, you can select the filters to suit your values. From 100% plastic free, to vegan or social contributions. We have over 10 values to choose from. Please note that the filters will only bring up products with that tag. For example, silver jewellery will not necessarily have a tag for Bee Friendly whereas a product that contains honey would.

We have partnered with a broad range of UK suppliers with whom we share the same ethos. We all want to promote reducing plastic waste, living sustainably and reducing our carbon footprint, in the hope of creating a healthier planet and a cleaner environment for our children.

While we focus on plastic free we know that there is a requirement for some small plastic elements in order for the supplier to distribute their product.

Instances where a small amount of plastic is included in plastic free:

Bioplastics – Biobased plastics are plastic materials produced from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, woodchips, sawdust, recycled food waste, etc. instead of petroleum. Bioplastic is made from plant material and it should degrade relatively quickly in landfills and, in some cases, compost bins. For example cellulose-based plastic film is made of cellulose, cellulose biodegradation is initiated in a soil, compost or waste water environment where micro-organisms are present.

Aluminium Lid with film – Where a glass or metal container is used with an aluminium lid and a small inner disc, a film of plastic is required to provide a seal to protect its contents. These lids with inner disc are 100% recyclable.

 (LOOLYN does not include or sell products with a lid that has a polymer lining bonded or laminated to the metal as this is not easily recycled.)

Please ensure the lid is screwed back on the empty jar or tin before placing your recycling in your kerbside collection system or in a bottle bank – depending on your Council service.

Bristles on a toothbrush – Toothbrush bristles are BPA-free Nylon 4. There are currently no biodegradable alternatives to the plastic bristles that aren’t made from animal products. However, the amount of plastic waste that is reduced by switching from a plastic toothbrush handle to a bamboo or equivalent makes them a worthwhile swap. Please remove the bristles from the handle using pliers or by snapping off the head. The handle is compostable and the plastic bristles are recyclable. If you do throw the brush into landfill the handle will decompose eventually.

Silicone – We accept food grade silicone as plastic free although it can be considered a plastic by some, due to its plastic-like properties. Silicone is manufactured from quartz, a plentiful resource, and hydrocarbons usually from petroleum or natural gas. The resulting silicone material has a backbone of silicon and oxygen where most plastics have a backbone of hydrogen and carbon. Silicone has a long lifespan if well maintained and replaces many single use plastics. When recycled at the end of its life correctly via Terracycle or through industrial processes it is reduced to its natural elements that are not harmful to the earth. 

Instances where plastic is accepted on LOOLYN but is not considered plastic free:

Droppers – we have a small number of products on our site that are oils where a dropper is required to get the best from the product. The dropper is made from glass, plastic and rubber, the plastic component being the screw lid. Our suppliers of natural, clean, oils have been researching the best way to package their product and unfortunately there are currently no viable alternatives to the droppers with a plastic lid. We at LOOLYN are limiting the plastic droppers to products that are otherwise eco, locally sourced, ‘clean’ and beneficial to the consumer. The dropper is reusable and we recommend that you keep it. We would encourage you to place subsequent orders with an aluminium lid to be used with the reusable dropper.

Instances where plastic is unacceptable on LOOLYN:

Single Use Plastic

This form of plastic is excluded from our site. This includes plastic that is used mostly in packaging for decorative or protective purposes and is designed to be used once and then thrown away. These plastics can be recycled but usually end up in landfill. For further information on recycling low grade plastics check out our blog on Terracycle.

Final note:

Our supplier plastics policy clearly states that all orders are to be packaged for shipping using plastic free materials only. If you receive a product where you are unhappy with the plastic content or there is plastic in the packaging please let us know by emailing us at