Why does LOOLYN exist?

All of us here at LOOLYN – our sellers and our staff – are committed to making shopping a more sustainable activity. We are a consumer-driven culture, and it is unlikely this is going to change in a hurry, so we would like to drive consumers to more sustainable and responsible choices.  Our producers all commit to selling plastic free products. 

Here you can find many products to review and compare 

No more trawling through 10 different websites to check prices or product listings to find out which one is the best fit for you.

When you shop at LOOLYN you are shopping directly with the producers.

You are supporting (usually) small businesses who otherwise have less of a reach to get their name out there. You are telling the world there IS a desire for these sustainable products. When you make your purchase, you do so from the individual seller. Have a look at what other things the seller has for sale as they will usually offer free postage over a certain amount. 

Each seller’s delivery charges will be clearly stated on their product listing

And again on your checkout page. Be sure to look out for our free delivery and discount codes that run from time to time. Read more about our delivery guidelines here.

You can also choose to filter your shopping by geography

Because shopping local isn’t just for the high street. You can still support your local producers online. Look for the location filter on the left of your shopping page.

And we have provided you with a filter to select your products by ethics, standards or certifications.

Read more about how to choose your conscience here.