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Hightide Old School Penco Clipboard-A4


***We can not currently send this item***

This old school clipboard is perfect for kids doing their homework and activities at home or in the garden, as well as helpful to parents keeping their lists and school letters in one place.

Hightide Old School Penco Clipboard-A5


This fun and vintage-looking clipboard in A5 is designed to keep loose papers and documents organised. The perfect size for car and train journeys or to take on day trips, or even to use around the house or garden for activities!

Kitchen Helper Activity Tokens


These activity tokens help parents encourage children to prepare for meals, and tidy up after a meal or a snack. Made from wood, recycled paper and with a magnet at the back, these tokens can be used again and again. Their fun and whimsical design make "chores" more fun!

Screen Time Activity Tokens


Not sure how to manage your child's screen time? We recommend agreeing on an amount that doesn't need to be "earned". Beyond that, your child can earn additional screen time by taking part in healthier activities. Our wooden magnetic tokens help you manage your child's earned screen time.

Tidy Bedroom Activity Tokens


Eight Activity Tokens that will help and encourage your child to keep a tidy bedroom.

Made from wood (responsibly managed and sourced from Europe) and with a magnet at the back.