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‘Decorate Your Own Kite’ kit


'Decorate your own Kite' kit, and learn how to make more!

Our new individual kite kits come with a pre-folded kite made from surplus map paper.

All Paper Stencils


A great party take home gift for little ones - the card is sturdy enough to be used with pencil or water soluble paint.

Bundle Box


We have put together a Stay at Home Bundle box to help entertain during long days at home. Think of it as a bumper party bag for one or two, or a subscription box without the commitment!

Cloud Embroidery Toy


A cardboard tapestry with paper 'needle' (a blunt paper stick) and attached 'thread' (rafia paper). This toy has the added bonus of the thread not coming through the needle as it is attached to the thread. The knot is already made in the 'thread' so is ready to go! This is a lovely small project which can be finished and displayed or re-worked times over.

Decorate Your Own Mask – Set of 8


This versatile mask is the perfect gender neutral party bag filler for little ones to decorate, or why not leave them on a craft table as part of the party fun!

DIY All Paper Windmill – Set of 3

A great gift to give or activity to do whatever the weather!

Eco Warriors


These lovely flash cards encourage your children to help around the home, and adopt sustainable behaviour that helps fight climate change.

Elephant Finger Puppet


Your child's finger turns into the elephant's trunk in this simple finger puppet printed on recycled paper.

Kids’ Art Activity Book


Willow & Weeds kids’ art books are awesome. Fact. Each month, a new booklet is released, with 3-4 colouring-in pages and 1 simple art activity…nothing complex or requiring specialist equipment. 

What’s inside?

The colouring in pages are all purposefully provide maximum opportunity for kids to get really into it…and for parents to get a wee cuppa in peace or join in and enjoy the process. There’s also a page with some ideas to extend the colouring in activities…sometimes with some sneaky learning added in ;) 

The art activity is usually accompanied by a how-to tutorial video on YouTube for kids to follow along, although the full instructions are in the booklet too. 

Are the booklets all the same?

Nope! There are are two booklets to choose from, each with 3 different combinations of colouring-in pages: 

Space & Steggy - 3 colouring in pages with a solar system scene, a dinosaur jungle and a forest friends picture to colour, plus a tutorial on drawing your own fox.

Tea parties and forest friends - a woodland scene, a fairy tea party and a pretty fox + the draw your own fox tutorial.

What’s the format?

Willow & Weeds Art Activity booklet is available as a digital download AND a physical booklet that can be posted out directly to your wee artists….there’s even a space on the checkout page to provide their name so they can have the excitement of a package arriving just for them!  

Check out the photos for a sneak peek into the booklets!

Kitchen Helper Activity Tokens


These activity tokens help parents encourage children to prepare for meals, and tidy up after a meal or a snack. Made from wood, recycled paper and with a magnet at the back, these tokens can be used again and again. Their fun and whimsical design make "chores" more fun!

Mega Selection of Shadow Puppets


Perfect for sleepovers, camping trips, entertainment at kids parties, or just for awesome bedtime stories! There are 9 puppets per set randomly selected from Fairy, Party Animal, Wildlife, Space and Dinosaur!

Multi Selection of Shadow Puppets


Perfect for sleepovers, camping trips, entertainment at kids parties, or just for awesome bedtime stories! There are 5 items in the set and they have a handy stick attached so puppet mastery can be achieved. Dinosaur V Unicorn, who do you think will win?

Paper Bird Thaumatrope


The classic Victorian optical toy - spin the disc and watch the bird appear and disappear in the cage.

Paper Snake With Pop Out Tongue


A paper snake with a naughty pop-out tongue! Impossible not to laugh when faced with this cheeky toy. Take it home and decorate it. 

Paper Windmill Kit


'Decorate your own Kite' kit, and learn how to make more!

Screen Time Activity Tokens


Not sure how to manage your child's screen time? We recommend agreeing on an amount that doesn't need to be "earned". Beyond that, your child can earn additional screen time by taking part in healthier activities. Our wooden magnetic tokens help you manage your child's earned screen time.

Shadow Puppets


Give your little guests these shadow puppets to take home so they can create their own character story play when it gets dark, or wherever they find a pool of light!

Toastcards Pack of 3


A fun gender neutral party bag filler for little ones to decorate with a drawing of their favourite toast topping before popping in the post to a friend or family member. The back of the postcard is left blank for drawing or writing on.