Discover plastic free party decorations for kids & throw them a party they can be proud of. Start them on their sustainable journey with the help of LOOLYN.

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‘Decorate Your Own Kite’ kit


'Decorate your own Kite' kit, and learn how to make more!

Our new individual kite kits come with a pre-folded kite made from surplus map paper.

Cloud Embroidery Toy


A cardboard tapestry with paper 'needle' (a blunt paper stick) and attached 'thread' (rafia paper). This toy has the added bonus of the thread not coming through the needle as it is attached to the thread. The knot is already made in the 'thread' so is ready to go! This is a lovely small project which can be finished and displayed or re-worked times over.

DIY All Paper Windmill – Set of 3

A great gift to give or activity to do whatever the weather!

Elephant Finger Puppet


Your child's finger turns into the elephant's trunk in this simple finger puppet printed on recycled paper.

Paper Bird Thaumatrope


The classic Victorian optical toy - spin the disc and watch the bird appear and disappear in the cage.

Paper Snake With Pop Out Tongue


A paper snake with a naughty pop-out tongue! Impossible not to laugh when faced with this cheeky toy. Take it home and decorate it.