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Dreamy Rose Soap Bar


Handcrafted soap made with love. Scented with heady oils of rose geranium & patchouli.

Energise Soap


Perfect for when you need a burst of energy, the heady uplifting aromas of May Chang and Ylang Ylang will re-energise, refresh and invigorate the body and the mind.

Exfoliate Soap

Exfoliate soap will gently remove dead skin with the natural bamboo grains which it contains and uplift the senses with the subtle citrus burst of essential oils.  Using hydrating and nourishing oils and butters the skin will be left clean, soft and fresh! Scented with revitalising Lime and Orange.

Exfoliating Face Wash


Activated charcoal draws out dirt from the skin eliminating blocked pores with visible results.

Vegan, natural, parabens free.

Father’s Day Bloke Soap and Soap Dish Gift Set


A perfect Father's Day gift, the Bloke soap has been made for men and paired with the wooden soap dish makes a thoughtful gift.

This luxury soap will gently exfoliate the skin with the addition of crushed vanilla pods whilst the rich oils and butters will leave it smooth, nourished and hydrated.

The wooden soap dish is designed to allow the soap to drain and dry between uses.

For gifts we can tie in natural twine and add a gift tag – let us know your message.

Gardener’s Gold Soap


Handcrafted soap for hard working hands. Moisturises with soothing garden herb oils of peppermint, lavender & rosemary.

Hand Salve – “Paw Chutney for Hard Working Hands”


"Paw Chutney for hardworking hands" what more do we need to say. Our hand salve was designed to repair and protect your hands.

Made from 100% natural ingredients our hand salve was developed with those who 'use' their hands in mind. It is not for the key board warriors of the world it is for those who roll their sleeves up, plunge their hands and in and worry about the consequences later. Whether you are a gardener pulling out roses with your bare hands; a climber that skinned their fingers hanging off an epic overhang; or a midwife who is constantly washing their hands our hand salve will promote the healing of the skin and get you back on your A-game quickly.

The rich protective moisturisers repair and nourish dry and damaged skin, the beeswax will promote the healing of damaged skin and the essential oils are selected to deal with the bacteria that can exacerbate cuts, cracks and dry skin on the hands.

Hedgerow Heaven Soap


Hand crafted soap made with love. Scented with peppermint oil & added poppy seed for exfoliation. A rich creamy handmade soap for all occasions. Based on olive oil, coconut, castor and shea butter

Hemp & Patchouli Soapnut Shampoo Bar


Hair - Face - Hands - Body - A beautiful artisan solid shampoo bar scented with cedarwood, patchouli and geranium, that brings on waves of 60s nostalgia!


ORGANIC HEMP OIL conditions your hair and scalp with the high content of vitamin E. Hemp oil is a natural moisturiser that is soothing and will help to prevent irritation and dryness. Great for winter, because it combats the cold, damaging outdoor air.  

CAYENNE PEPPER is known to promote hair growth because it has a stimulatory effect on the scalp. It also helps with adding shine to lifeless hair.

GREAT FOR: Moisturising & Conditioning. Great for thick curly dry hair! Suitable for skin prone to dryness & inflammation. SLS and Palm Oil Free.

Hydrating One – Solid Shampoo Bar


Award winning, zero plastic and shine enhancing, our hydrating solid shampoo bar is suitable for normal, dry, curly and coloured hair.

Lavender & Geranium Soapnut Soap


Face - Hands - Body - We already know the great properties of castile olive oil soaps, with the addition of lavender and geranium essential oil make this a great soap for balancing your mind and soul. 

ORGANIC LAVENDER has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, and is used to treat various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions. It has also been known to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, and sunburns because it improves the formation of scar tissues.

PURE GERANIUM OIL is well-known for its deep positive effects on various skin disorders like acne, rashes, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, etc. 

GREAT FOR: Balancing. Suitable for troubled, sensitive or unbalanced skin. Can also be used as a soap/shampoo for babies or for fine hair.

Lemon & Avocado Soapnut Shampoo Bar


Hair - Face - Hands - Body - Gently cleansing without stripping your hair and replacing any lost moisture for a beautiful head of fresh, bouncy and nourished hair.


ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL is good for moisturizing dry, brittle, and damaged hair. It’s also great for deep conditioning, strengthening hair, and adding shine. The vitamins, amino acids, and high fat content promote healthy cell growth and are great for maintaining and healing dry, itchy scalps.

PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND with Lemon, May Chang & Ylang is balancing and will control excess oil production, as well as being rejuvenating and a very uplifting fragrance.

GREAT FOR: Nourishing & Balancing. Suitable for all hair/skin types,especially for problem, sensitive and combination hair/skin types. SLS and Palm Oil Free.

Luscious Lavender Soap


Handcrafted soap made with love. Scented with relaxing lavender & may chang oils.

Men’s Shower Bar


Vegan, natural, parabens free.

Pro tips - buy 2 for free shipping.

Nettles & Petals Solid Shampoo Soap


Handcrafted shampoo bar with enriching nettle leaf, chamomile flowers and pungent scented herbal essential oils.

Oat Milk & Calendula Soapnut Soap


Face - Hands - Body - This award-winning soap has been made with sensitive skin in mind. Made with gluten-free oat milk, organic calendula, organic oils and a soothing essential oil blend, this soap is perfect for skin that may need a little bit of TLC.

GREAT FOR: Soothing & Nourishing. Suitable for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone, acne-prone skin. Great for fighting germs and soothing sensitive skin.


OAT MILK has been used for centuries on eczema prone skin because of its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. We hand-blend our own gluten free oat milk so that allergy sufferers can benefit also.

ORGANIC CALENDULA OIL is a great gentle antiseptic, also anti-inflammatory and aids in the regeneration of healthy skin.

ORGANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL deeply nourishes and is packed full of helpful anti-oxidants.

PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND with Cedarwood Oil which is has great anti-inflammatory properties as well as being great at controlling oil production and fighting germs. And Patchouli Oil because it's great at healing skin, anti-inflammatory, and helps skin regenerate.

Orange and Cinnamon Soap


Handcrafted soap made with love. Scented with orange, cinnamon & clove oils for a spicy kick.

Paws Off! Solid Shampoo Bar


Handcrafted shampoo bar for humans and/or their pets (made for sharing or whoever gets there first!) With soothing essential oils.