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Bamboo Cutlery in Handmade Pouch


Each set contains a bamboo knife, fork spoon and chopsticks. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the quality of the cutlery to maximise the lifespan please hand wash only and do not leave to soak.

Like with any cutlery always supervise children when using this product. Please wash before use.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Lets face it, carrying your kitchen cutlery around in your bag so you can eat sustainably on the go doesn’t really cut it. Pardon the pun. It’s clunky and heavy, not to mention a tad dangerous and just not cool. So we have this beautiful lightweight Moso Bamboo set. And the best bit, Moso is panda friendly because this particular bamboo species is not recognised as food by the pandas. All bamboo is 100% compostable so you can just place it in the compost bin at the end of it’s life. The straw cleaner is made from coconut shell so is also 100% compostable.

Bamboo Straws x 2 with Handmade Pouch and Straw Cleaner

Each set contains two bamboo straws, a plastic free straw cleaner, made out of coconut fibres and a handmade pouch in your chosen design. 

To maintain the lifespan of the straws make sure you rinse your straw after use and every so often use the cleaner to clean the inside of the straw, making sure you leave the straw to dry fully.

Bamboo Straws x 3 and Straw Cleaner in Handmade Pouch

Each set contains three bamboo straws, a plastic free straw cleaner, made out of coconut fibres, plus a handmade pouch in your chosen design. 

To maintain the lifespan of the straws make sure you rinse your straw after use and every so often use the cleaner to clean the inside of the straw, making sure you leave the straw to dry fully.

Beeswax Wraps 3 Pack – S/M/L


The mixed pack contains 3 wraps made from cotton lawn infused with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.  Cotton lawn is a very fine fabric which makes these wraps extremely malleable and therefore suitable for wrapping all shapes of foodstuffs and containers.  The wraps will cover small items such as lemons to larger items such as a sourdough loaf.

Biodegradable Face Mask


What are these???

Washable, biodegradable face masks, available in two sizes (adult and child**).

PLEASE NOTE - these are not N95 compliant and are not for medical use. These masks are for home use only and should be used in line with the guidance from World Health Organisation or your countries own health guidelines.

What they are made from?

Organic Cotton, bamboo and natural rubber.

How to care for them...

Masks should be washed after every use. These masks can be laundered but they are not suitable for tumble drying

We recommend replacing hygiene products regularly.

These masks come in a variety of colours and patterns. The mask you receive may differ from that pictured!

**Masks must not be worn during sleep. Risk of suffocation. Children must be supervised at all times whilst wearing masks.

Cutlery Roll

What are these? A roll to store items on the move.. mainly to avoid single use plastics.  Bamboo cutlery, straw, cleaner, and napkin are optional extras.   What they are made from? Made entirely from cotton with 100% organic cotton liner.   Why are they fabulous? Can be used to store cutlery, make-up brushes, crochet hooks and whatever else you desire!  Environmentally friendly, plastic free, beautiful and convenient!   Extras? Supplied empty for you to fill with your own or you can add: - napkin - bamboo cutlery - bamboo straw & cleaner  

Everyday Essentials Bundle with Straws

Get your plastic-free journey off to a flying start with our Everyday Essentials bundle. This haul should keep you going for years to come. Also makes a great eco-friendly gift for that special someone.  

Market Bag


What are these?

Market stretchy net bags with extra long handles so that the bag can be worn over the shoulder. 

What they are made from?

Natural white 100% organic cotton. The handles are 70cm long. 

Why are they fabulous?

Great for transporting loaves and produce from your local bakers and greengrocers. Fold up super small for an impromptu trip to the farmers market!

How to care for them...

Wash on cool and hang to dry.

Reusable Glass Bottle – Various Colours – 550ml


PURE DRINKING EXPERIENCE - Neon Kactus glass bottles are made from non-permeable, high quality borosilicate glass. Drinking your water or any other drink from your Neon Kactus glass bottle rather than plastic or stainless steel provides a clean and pure drinking experience.

DESIGN - Neon Kactus glass bottles are lightweight, robust and durable. Precisely engineered using the highest quality, food grade materials perfect for your favourite drinks.

STYLISH - Neon Kactus bottles feature a food grade silicone sleeve with a unique textured anti-slip grip and fully leakproof bamboo lid. Neon Kactus bottles have been designed with you in mind to bring you a healthily and stylish way to stay hydrated on the go.

100% RECYCLABLE - Neon Kactus glass bottles use only BPA free and fully recyclable materials allowing you to ditch the disposable and help Create A Better Tomorrow!

Reusable Glass Cup – Various Colours – 340ml


ECO FRIENDLY – Neon Kactus glass coffee cups use only fully recyclable and sustainable materials. Our uniquely designed thermal silicone sleeve and splash proof lid are food grade and BPA Free. Our glass coffee cups are free from all harmful toxins and chemicals. Neon Kactus cups Look Good & Do Good! 

COFFEE SHOP DRINKING EXPERIENCE - Neon Kactus glass coffee cups are made from the highest quality borosilicate glass. Our cups are designed to replicate your coffee shop drinking experience and unlike plastic or bamboo will not taint the flavour of your drink.

ON THE GO – Lightweight, durable and fits perfectly under all coffee machines. Ideal for use at home, in your favourite coffee shop or on the go. Our thickened thermal sleeve is designed with both style and comfort in mind. Our splash proof lid will mean you avoid any unwanted splits while on the go. 

USE EVERY DAY – Our glass coffee cups are both dishwasher and microwave safe, designed for the ultimate drinking pleasure every day. Neon Kactus glass coffee cups are your ideal daily companion. Select from a range of colours that fit your personality and help Create A Better Tomorrow! 

Reusable Insulated Coffee Cup – Various Colours – 340ml


KEEPS YOUR DRINK HOT & COLD - High quality double walled stainless steel construction to keep your drink the perfect temperature. The stainless steel construct also ensure the long lasting and freshest flavour of your drink with no metallic after taste.

ON THE GO - Lightweight and durable , perfect for use at home, in your favourite coffee shop or on the go. The perfect size to carry around and fits under all coffee machines. The soft matt finish and compact shape for easy gripping will mean that you wont want to put it down. The Powder coating also means it will resist scratching and fading .

NO SPILLS - Spill-proof resealable lid combined with a silicone seal to prevent any spills. 

STYLISH & ECO FRIENDLY –Available in a range of 5 stylish colours to suit your personality, our cups look good and do good.

USE EVERY DAY – Designed for ultimate drinking pleasure every day. Easy to clean with warm soapy water removing all odours for a fresh drinking experience every time 

Shopping Bundle

Never get caught out again without your reusable shopping bags with our bundle of beautiful organic bags. Plastic-free, eco-chic and saving you money, what’s not to love? We have given you the option to add 4 x silicone ziplock pouches to this bundle so you have somewhere to keep those fruits and veggies fresh for longer when you get them home. Yep we’ve thought of everything. Happy shopping my friends!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Various Colours


Plastic bottles will be a thing of the past once you’ve grabbed yourself one of these stainless steel water bottles. Made from double walled, 304 stainless steel, these beauties will keep your drink at the correct temperature throughout the day whether hot or cold.

With a handle at the top for easy carrying and completely plastic-free inside and out, you won’t want to leave home without it.

Straw Set

Sip sustainably forever and ever with our full set of stainless steel straws. Curved or straight, thick or thin, silver or gold, we’ve got a straw for every drink and every occasion! Purchased separately, these items would cost £28.95

Ultimate Family Bundle (including Stainless Steel Bottles)


If you’re looking for a way to get ahead on your plastic-free journey, this is the bundle for you!

At Green Island, we know it can be difficult to find a place to start so we have done all the hard work for you and put together the ultimate bundle to keep you going and set you on the right track to saying goodbye to single-use plastics for good!

Vleather Lunch Bag


What are these?

Handmade, washable paper (aka vegan leather) bags, ideal for those aspiring to a zero waste lifestyle.

What they are made from?

Wood Pulp

Synthetic Latex


The material used is accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex and is manufactured in Europe.

Synthetic latex is more stable than natural latex and produces less noxious gases in the manufacturing process giving your product more life.

Why are they fabulous?

Great for transporting your lunch in a stylish way, or using for gifts.

How to care for them...

Can be laundered with normal load and will soften and become easier to handle with each wash. 

Not suitable for tumble drying.

scrunch up whilst wet to age the vleather and make it softer quicker.

At end of life why not roll down the edges and use as a plant pot?