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Bamboo Cutlery in Handmade Pouch


Each set contains a bamboo knife, fork spoon and chopsticks. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the quality of the cutlery to maximise the lifespan please hand wash only and do not leave to soak.

Like with any cutlery always supervise children when using this product. Please wash before use.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Lets face it, carrying your kitchen cutlery around in your bag so you can eat sustainably on the go doesn’t really cut it. Pardon the pun. It’s clunky and heavy, not to mention a tad dangerous and just not cool. So we have this beautiful lightweight Moso Bamboo set. And the best bit, Moso is panda friendly because this particular bamboo species is not recognised as food by the pandas. All bamboo is 100% compostable so you can just place it in the compost bin at the end of it’s life. The straw cleaner is made from coconut shell so is also 100% compostable.

Bamboo Straws Pack of 5 or 8


Bamboo is the strongest and most sustainable plant in the world. It grows so fast that it’s the perfect option for an alternative to plastic straws. Natural and organic, these straws are produced in the Highlands of Bali by a small family run co-operative.

Use at home, on picnics, pack in your bag for use in bars and restaurants, bamboo straws make a statement without saying a word!

These 20cm straws come in a handy organic cotton pouch and include one straw cleaning brush.


  • Hand-wash with lukewarm water and soap.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • To sterilise boil in water for 10 minutes. 

Bamboo Straws x 3 and Straw Cleaner in Handmade Pouch


Each set contains three bamboo straws, a plastic free straw cleaner, made out of coconut fibres, plus a handmade pouch in your chosen design. 

To maintain the lifespan of the straws make sure you rinse your straw after use and every so often use the cleaner to clean the inside of the straw, making sure you leave the straw to dry fully.

Beeswax Wraps 3 Pack – S/M/L


The mixed pack contains 3 wraps made from cotton lawn infused with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.  Cotton lawn is a very fine fabric which makes these wraps extremely malleable and therefore suitable for wrapping all shapes of foodstuffs and containers.  The wraps will cover small items such as lemons to larger items such as a sourdough loaf.

Cutlery Roll

What are these? A roll to store items on the move.. mainly to avoid single use plastics.  Bamboo cutlery, straw, cleaner, and napkin are optional extras.   What they are made from? Made entirely from cotton with 100% organic cotton liner.   Why are they fabulous? Can be used to store cutlery, make-up brushes, crochet hooks and whatever else you desire!  Environmentally friendly, plastic free, beautiful and convenient!   Extras? Supplied empty for you to fill with your own or you can add: - napkin - bamboo cutlery - bamboo straw & cleaner  

Everyday Essentials Bundle with Straws

Get your plastic-free journey off to a flying start with our Everyday Essentials bundle. This haul should keep you going for years to come. Also makes a great eco-friendly gift for that special someone.  

Face Mask


What are these???

Washable, face masks, available in two sizes (adult and child**).  

PLEASE NOTE - these are not N95 compliant and are not for medical use. These masks are for home use only and should be used in line with the guidance from World Health Organisation or your countries own health guidelines. 

Every mask has a pocket where a filter can be inserted, but this is not obligatory. 

What they are made from?

Organic Cotton, bamboo and elastic.

How to care for them...

Masks should be washed after every use. These masks can be laundered but they are not suitable for tumble drying

We recommend replacing hygiene products regularly.
These masks come in a variety of colours and patterns. The mask you receive may differ from that pictured!
**Masks must not be worn during sleep. Risk of suffocation. Children must be supervised at all times whilst wearing masks. Not suitable for children under 3. Wear only in line with govt advice.