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The Mango Girl

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From a very young age, Dr Ava Eagle Brown learned the life lessons of perseverance and survival.

In this courageous story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica, Ava’s determination and courage gave rise to her belief that she was destined for more than the community could offer. The expected and ingrained recreational activities of sex, raising babies and going to the farm were not enough for the young girl and she taught herself fortitude enough to forge a very different path than the one expected of her.

Ava’s story starts in an area of high deprivation, even by rural Jamaica’s standards, where the need to find food often won over school attendance. Her journey through her adolescent years was dominated by the dark shadows of incest, homelessness, violence and sexual abuse.

Ava's life took an entirely different path when the event of being held and raped at gunpoint in front of her 3-year-old daughter finally pushed her to flee her home country to save her sanity. She describes it as being ejected from her OWN DNA.

Resilience and love for her native country allowed Ava to see all her harsh and disappointing experiences as mere stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman; a woman who is capable of helping our society to break the cycle of poverty and its effects.

You are welcome to share in Ava’s journey through her book, The Mango Girl. You will experience her triumphs, setbacks, and trials. The Mango Girl will break your heart before it makes you smile. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that evokes a wide range of emotions, breaking and healing your heart with Ava’s tale but will then undoubtedly Motivate, Inspire, and Fuel a desire for change.

Ultimate Family Bundle (including Stainless Steel Bottles)


If you’re looking for a way to get ahead on your plastic-free journey, this is the bundle for you!

At Green Island, we know it can be difficult to find a place to start so we have done all the hard work for you and put together the ultimate bundle to keep you going and set you on the right track to saying goodbye to single-use plastics for good!

Vleather Lunch Bag


What are these?

Handmade, washable paper (aka vegan leather) bags, ideal for those aspiring to a zero waste lifestyle.

What they are made from?

Wood Pulp

Synthetic Latex


The material used is accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex and is manufactured in Europe.

Synthetic latex is more stable than natural latex and produces less noxious gases in the manufacturing process giving your product more life.

DIMENSIONS: 23cm x 33cm x 6cm (approx)

Why are they fabulous?

Great for transporting your lunch in a stylish way, or using for gifts.

How to care for them...

Can be laundered with normal load and will soften and become easier to handle with each wash. 

Not suitable for tumble drying.

scrunch up whilst wet to age the vleather and make it softer quicker.

At end of life why not roll down the edges and use as a plant pot?