My name is Caroline and I live in South-West London. I don’t know about you but every time I use something once and throw it away it makes me feel guilty. I have tried for years to limit the amount of not only single use plastic I use, but single use items in general, and it’s not easy. There is a lot of media coverage about carrying around your own coffee cup and water bottle, but I feel that cutlery is overlooked, which is why I set up myReusables back in October 2018. I want to offer something that not only reduces the amount of single use plastic getting into our oceans and landfills, but also looks good and is small but fully functional. So with the help of my mother-in-law Pat, who is helping me make some of the beautiful pouches, myReusables was born. If I can make just a small difference to the ever growing throwaway culture then all this time and effort will have been well worth it. 
Due to customer requests I’ve also started selling bamboo straws and plastic free straw cleaners in handmade pouches which people are loving as an alternative to plastic straws!

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