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Wax Hive Wraps

We are Paddy and Nadja and we are the proud owners and makers of the lovely Waxhivewraps. 

Our aim is to reduce the volume of single-use plastic in day to day life. We are currently producing these beautiful beeswax wraps that are natural, easy to use, clean and biodegradable, We aim for as little environmental impact as possible and try to source our materials from as close to our doorstep as possible.

The venture is a step towards a world with any unnecessary harmful plastics and coming up with new ways to reduce our waste in the first place by ‘keeping your food right and plastic out of sight’

We realise how hard it is to avoid single-use plastic in everyday life, to avoid it does take a lot of conscious effort (we also find it a mission but welcome it with innovative ways).

We hope that our WaxHiveWrap would be an easy green alternative to incorporate in your kitchen and homes as an alternative to non-recyclable materials. They are here for you to wrap your food items in the kitchen or out and about. They are fantastic for fruit & vegetables, cheese and dried goods, packed lunches and much much more.

The idea behind them is the Beeswax and cotton mix provide a breathable layer between the contents and the room air. This allows the Foods to regulate its own environment, saving not only on the single-use plastic wrap but also keeping your food fresher for longer.

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