At LOOLYN we are committed to giving sustainable businesses a voice, and a platform to get your name out there. If you want to be a supplier on LOOLYN, please contact us at and we can have a chat.

Over the years we have learned that small creators have found it hard to compete on the global giants such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay – swamped by mass-produced or prepacked items shipped in from other countries.

At LOOLYN you are selling with like-minded sellers, you are on an even playing field. And the customers we bring to you are looking for this type of product. They are already in the zone, ready to make the environmentally friendly choice.

  • We keep our fees simple
  • We market for you – with the right SEO, google analytics, advertising campaigns, press coverage, an email database, discount vouchers – you have access to a range of marketing options just by being one of our sellers
  • You can choose to elevate your voice with one of our boost campaigns
  • We navigate the payment process for you – our inhouse payment system takes care of the fraud and protection systems so you don’t have to
  • We set out the rules that everyone must abide by to make it easy and hassle free for you – you are all equal on LOOLYN!

As well as this, we have some great tools to help the customer find YOUR products quickly

  • Geographic filters to allow customers to search based on their region – many people prefer to support their local producers – because shopping local isn’t just for the high street
  • Customers can shop by conscience – choosing an ethos, standard, or production method that they want to support – Bee Friendly, Fair Trade, Certified Organic or Vegan are all examples – so make sure you tick any that apply!

On top of all this, LOOLYN will provide blogs, conversation topics, ‘How To’ guides, educational pieces and news items, we will encourage people to think of LOOLYN as a ‘go to’ place for trusted research, knowledge and purchasing; a thought leader with regards to plastic free goods and other related topics.

We take care of it all for you. We want you to focus on making, selling and sending.